CWN Show #46 Mar 15, 2012 Leprechaun79 and Joe


Welcome to show #46 (ding). Available on Itunes, Zune Market Place, and also PodBean ( Droid people- use PodBean to down load for your device.

Occasionally we are live on Ustream. Check out the Facebook fan page for details on when we are recording that week and if we elect to use this feature.

Hola gents! The return of the lipo topic! We did not get as deep into the topic as some would have liked in a comparison sort of way. Thus, the email address got flooded with links to manufacturer websites, videos, other people’s, ahem “opinions”, etc. So, we return to the topic with the full monty and break down. So, I watched the vids, went to the sites linked, and took my own notes.

Jay Gates wants to know- what are your RC Pet Peeves? We also dive into the onboard camera chat and discuss which ones are our favorite FPV and non FPV cameras. Did yours make the list?

Thank you guys for your support, and remember, if you like the show then please tell a friend. Its all that we ask.


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